Transforming Email Management with Sleek

Discover how we reimagined their brand identity, crafting a compelling narrative that authentically connects with their audience and propels their business forward.







Developing a software that can address email overload, inefficient management and help achieve Inbox zero



We conducted in-depth market research, studied similar platforms and created a modern platform that captured their essence.



Sleek's intelligent categorization, automation, and bulk actions helped Initial users achieve email efficiency and boosted everyday productivity

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Product Introduction

Market Understanding and User Needs Analysis: Market Research

Market Understanding

Our Study revealed that email overload is a universal challenge, with professionals spending a significant portion of their workweek on email management. We saw a growing need for a tool that intelligently categorizes emails, offers analytics, and streamlines email workflows.

User Needs Analysis

User needs analysis highlighted the desire for a user-friendly and intuitive interface that simplifies email management.
Users expressed the need for features that allow them to efficiently prioritize and respond to critical emails.
The UX analysis emphasized the importance of reducing email-related stress and improving productivity.

Technological Architecture and Frameworks


Frameworks Utilized

Sleek employs Angular for building responsive and dynamic user interfaces, offering a smooth user experience.
Uses PostgreSQL, A powerful, open source object-relational database system with over 35 years of active development
Backend is powered by Django Rest Framework, to support robust functionalities and scalability
Sleek utilizes secure protocols to retrieve emails from multiple service providers

Management Tools and Workflow

Effective Tools and Workflow

was facilitated by using Jira and Trello, which allowed for efficient tracking of tasks, timelines, and overall project progress.

Real-time communication and virtual meetings

were streamlined through the use of Slack and Zoom, ensuring effective collaboration among team members and clients.

Git and GitHub

were instrumental in maintaining code integrity and promoting collaboration among the development team


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