Revolutionizing AWS Cloud Management with OptiCloud

OptiCloud(Code name), A cloud management platform that helps customers monitor, analyze, and manage changes, cost, performance, security, and compliance of their AWS environments







The era of cloud computing has brought forth its own set of challenges, chief among them being the complexity of managing cloud resources efficiently. This has also fueled a rise in external tools, most of which have a cumbersome user Interface.



Enter OptiCloud, with its unique B2B2C user model, It facilitates an ecosystem of people Involved in cloud cost optimisation, OptiCloud offers a comprehensive suite of features coupled with a Intuitive user Interface



Companies with a dedicated cloud management tool experience reduction in their EKS infrastructure costs by 50% and save 15-20% of their monthly AWS costs on average. OptiCloud’s automation is a next step in simplifying cloud management.

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Product Introduction

Market Understanding and User Needs Analysis: Market Research

Market Understanding

The global demand for efficient cloud management and cost optimization tools has surged in tandem with the growth of the cloud services market. Reports from Gartner forecast a 23.1% growth in the worldwide public cloud services market. OptiCloud is perfectly positioned to address the challenges faced by companies in navigating this expansive cloud ecosystem.

User Needs Analysis

User-centricity lies at the heart of OptiCloud’s design philosophy. Extensive user feedback emphasized the need for simplicity and automation in cloud management.
Users sought a streamlined approach to managing AWS resources, free from the complexities of pricing and optimization.
Engineering teams need a solution that would enable them to prioritize innovation while the solution automates the intricacies of AWS resource management.

Technological Architecture and Frameworks


Frameworks Utilized

Frontend uses Angular to support flawless execution of UI.
Uses PostgreSQL, A powerful, open source object-relational database system with over 35 years of active development
A robust backend powered by django rest framework is used for ensuring robust functionality.

Management Tools and Workflow

Effective Tools and Workflow

was facilitated by using Jira and Trello, which allowed for efficient tracking of tasks, timelines, and overall project progress.

Real-time communication and virtual meetings

were streamlined through the use of Slack and Zoom, ensuring effective collaboration among team members and clients.

Git and GitHub

were instrumental in maintaining code integrity and promoting collaboration among the development team.


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