Enhancing Content Discovery with Merit

The problem of content discovery necessitated the creation of Merit, a Chrome extension designed to revolutionize the way users find and engage with online information.







The relentless expansion of digital information and the challenge of sifting through vast volumes of data to unearth valuable, high-quality content.



Merit's primary mission was clear: to empower internet users to effortlessly discover and engage with premium online content. To fulfill this mission, Merit harnessed the power of a sophisticated algorithm, meticulously crafted to navigate the labyrinth of online data



A great tool that removes the barriers of information overload and empowered users to access high-quality content with ease, remove keyword bias from search engine optimized articles and provide a comprehensive overview even before opening the article

Merit Graphics
Merit Poster

Product Introduction

Market Understanding and User Needs Analysis: Market Research

Market Understanding

Merit’s emergence was rooted in a profound understanding of the contemporary digital landscape. Extensive research illuminated a global sentiment that google search is not sufficient

User Needs Analysis

User feedback was instrumental in shaping Merit’s journey. It underscored the importance of an accessible and intuitive interface that made content discovery effortless.
Merit’s UX placed paramount importance on ease of access and compactness of Information.
UI was designed to highlight the most relevant metrics as a pill on top of search results.

Technological Architecture and Frameworks


Frameworks Utilized

Management Tools and Workflow

Effective Tools and Workflow

was facilitated by using Jira and Trello, which allowed for efficient tracking of tasks, timelines, and overall project progress

Real-time communication and virtual meetings

were streamlined through the use of Slack and Zoom, ensuring effective collaboration among team members and clients.

Git and GitHub

were instrumental in maintaining code integrity and promoting collaboration among the development team


The Dedicated Team


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