Elevating Knowledge Management with Cosmic

Discover how we are Implementing the founders vision of Semantic Web AKA web 10 with a All in one revolutionary knowledge management, collaboration, and publishing platform







Empower mission-driven teams to increase collective intelligence by effectively organizing, Interpreting and transmitting and their mission critical data.



A groundbreaking knowledge management, collaboration, and publishing tool. Offering a centralized solution that outperformed traditional models. It aimed to represent diverse knowledge, automating knowledge work.



An all in one app with unique architecture designed to empower individuals and organizations to streamline knowledge management. Its governance prioritized user and societal interests, a rarity in the corporate and DAO landscape.

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Product Introduction

Market Understanding and User Needs Analysis: Market Research

Market Understanding

Our research uncovered a global demand for efficient knowledge management tools. Across industries, organizations grappled with data organization and retrieval. The need for a comprehensive solution that unifies knowledge, streamlines workflows, and respects ethical values was evident.

User Needs Analysis

User feedback underscored the importance of an approachable and intuitive interface, making knowledge management effortless.
User were looking for tools that go beyond basic knowledge management and Integrates with Artificial Intelligence in a more local fashion
The UX evaluation emphasized the significance of alleviating knowledge-related stress and enhancing productivity.

Technological Architecture and Frameworks


Frameworks Utilized

Frontend uses React.js and a lot of popular react libraries offering a smooth user experience.
A multimodal database is chosen for its efficiency in storing and retrieving data, supporting both relational and non relational requirements
A robust backend powered by django rest framework is used for ensuring robust functionality.
Cosmic utilizes secure protocols to retrieve emails from multiple service providers

Management Tools and Workflow

Effective Tools and Workflow

was facilitated by using Jira and Trello, which allowed for efficient tracking of tasks, timelines, and overall project progress.

Real-time communication and virtual meetings

were streamlined through the use of Slack and Zoom, ensuring effective collaboration among team members and clients.

Git and GitHub

were instrumental in maintaining code integrity and promoting collaboration among the development team


The Dedicated Team


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